My inspirations are my furry family, Krug, Opus and Shogun.

My bond with them has inspired me to embark on this journey to help all dogs live the best quality of life for the longest time possible.

That is my mission.


My Story

Canine Muscleworks is the realization of a dream to offer a multi-modality muscle therapy centre to help all dogs function at an optimal level.   It is the result of years spent taking my own dogs to various natural therapies and not being satisfied with the result I was seeing from any single one therapy.  As a result, I took them to multiple therapists to obtain optimum results.   Frustrated by this process, I started on a journey to help my own dogs.  I researched and studied a range of muscle therapies and along the way spent copious amounts of money on new ‘tools’ and supplements that promised to be the holy grail for joint and muscular pain relief.  At Canine Muscleworks, everything I do has been tested on my own dogs first and then practised on dogs belonging to my many trusting friends (Thanks guys!).  I choose to specialize only on the modalities that have proven to be effective and demonstrated great results.  


My Qualifications

Cert. Animal Neuro-Myofascial Release
Cert. Veterinary Thermal Imaging
Cert. Canine Myofunctional Therapy
Cert. Emmett Therapy
Cert. Rocktape Canine Equine course

I will be a perpetual student because I believe in the importance of continuing education to keep abreast of the latest in the industry. I am currently studying for my certificate in canine fitness.


Why Choose Me

Your dog was born to move. Walking, running, playing, swimming - these are things he or she longs to do but can’t if not healthy and fit.  Without the ability to move around comfortably, exercise and explore the world, the quality of your dog's life suffers.  The goal of muscle therapy is to improve quality of life, decrease pain and to help your dog’s body function at an optimum level.  It is not just a novelty treatment for spoiling a dog on a special occasion.   Any dog can benefit from muscle therapy whether they are young and fit or very old and suffering from stiff, sore joints.  As part of your dog's treatment session, you will receive  advice on conditioning and preventative care.  As you will quickly discover, I have a genuine interest in your dog and will treat him or her with respect and compassion.  I look forward to meeting you and making a positive change in your dog’s health and performance!