For appointments, please text 043 998 9900 or email

I don't answer my phone when treating clients so please text or email and I will respond to you as soon as I can. 

Address, map and opening hours can be found on the CONTACT page.


We charge per time slot rather than per dog so multiple dogs may be treated per session.  I will be able to treat more dogs per session if the dogs are cooperative. 

30 minutes           $40

30 - 60 minutes   $80

Adjustments only (includes initial heat therapy to warm the muscles before the adjustment)          

15 minutes              $20

Cycloid Vibration Therapy (CVT) only. 15 minutes on the Accell Therapy Bed and massage with the hand held unit             

15 minutes              $20

We are pleased to offer discounted prices for holders of senior, health care and pension cards:

30 minutes              $30

30 - 60 minutes        $60.

Please allow 45-60 minutes for a first treatment. This session will be shorter if there are no injuries and only a tune-up is required.

Cash and credit card accepted (Amex, Visa and Mastercard). 1.9% surcharge for credit card transactions.


If your dog is insured by a company underwritten by Hollands you may claim $50.00 per year without a Vet referral under the extra bonus scheme.  If you are insured with PetPlan you may claim every session if you have a Vet referral and the treatment is for a condition covered under your policy.

Insurance policy details change frequently so please check your policy before your appointment.


At Dogswest, on the rare occasions when we are running late, please take your dog for a walk on the grounds or wait on the bench outside.  

In Claremont, please text me when you arrive and I will come out to meet you.  If I am running late, please take your dog for a walk and I will ring you when I am finished with the previous client.


A typical session will start off with a gait and posture analysis. Often thermal imaging will be used to find areas of muscular dysfunction and inflammation. The Onnetsu Far-Infrared device will then be used to help identify areas of tenderness and injury. A combination of other therapies will then be used to treat the dysfunctional areas and restore balance.

I will not force treatment onto a stressed dog.  However I am patient and compassionate with 'difficult' dogs and have a range of treatment options available to help them. The majority of dogs become more comfortable with the environment and are calmer on subsequent appointments and in fact,  look forward to their treatment sessions. Clinically tested music to calm dogs and reduce anxiety, 'Through a Dog's Ear,' will also be played to calm your dog during the session.


Typically most dogs feel the need to urinate after a session so please take your dog for a short walk before you drive away.  Your dog may be quieter than usual, lethargic, drink and urinate more 24-48 hours after a treatment.   It is imperative that your dog is kept quiet for minimum 48 hours after the treatment as the body rebalances itself and responds to the bodywork.   We recommend avoiding rough play and only light exercise during this time.  Highly energetic activity will compromise the value of the soft tissue work the dog has just received.