Rethink Your Dog's Drinking Water


It is an epidemic. Everywhere I look someone is clutching a bottle of water.

Australians are reacting to concerns about the safety of our drinking water. But are we applying these concerns to our dogs too?

Most dogs drink tap water. But what is the problem with tap water?

Many of us trust the quality of our drinking water. Water Corp treats the water so it must be okay right?  It tastes fine, doesn’t smell bad and looks clear. But depending on where you live there are over 100 chemicals in tap water.  It is a chemical cocktail that has been disinfected for our consumption. The safety standards set by Water Corp do not take into account the long-term risk from exposure to these chemicals. All we know is that it will not make us sick in the short term.


How can dog owners remove these contaminants in drinking water?

1. Drink bottled water

Buy bottled water from a reliable source. The majority of bottled water is not better and purer than tap water. 25% of bottled water sold in Australia is sourced from the tap. Bottlers are not required to name the source on the label. The water is treated, purified and then sold to consumers. Saka natural alkaline water is different though. It is not tap water, certified pure and a personal favourite! Now available in WA so no more hefty postage charges!

There are 3 distributors in Perth:
1.   Ragan O'Donnell, Mount Pleasant   0421 456 304
2.   Jamie Read, East Victoria Park         0419 195 164
3.   Kemal Kose, Welshpool                     0437 258 455


2. Use home purification systems such as water filters.

Undersink water filter systems are good and can be purchased and installed at a reasonable price. The only ongoing cost would be replacement cartridges.


3. Add Dr Willard’s Water

Willard Water is an additive for your drinking water.  Add 2 tablespoons to 3.8 liters of high quality drinking water (filtered or Saka water will be ideal). When added to drinking water, it does not purify it but rather alkalizes it and helps the body to increase the absorption and bio-availability of the nutrients from food. This is important because when the human body cannot absorb nutrients properly, its ability to heal is compromised. Willard Water also a powerful antioxidant and helps improve the elimination of wastes and toxins.

There are two types of Willard Water, the dark and the clear.  The only difference is that the dark has more trace minerals. Even though they are both meant to be tasteless, to me the dark has a mild taste, not unpleasant but it's there. I prefer the clear. It improves the taste of water, making it taste pure and clean. My dogs drink more when that is added to their water.


Removing chemicals from your dog’s drinking water is eliminating another negative variable in the health of your dog. It is in the same class as vaccines, poor diets, chemical wormers, flea treatments and antibiotics.


Still in doubt? Here are more reasons why clean water is important for a dog’s health:

    •    Water lubricates a dog’s joints and muscles,
    •    Water forms 55 to 75 percent of their body mass. This is why we have to keep their bodies clean on the inside too.
    •    Water transports oxygen to all body tissues,
    •    Water cleanses and detoxifies livers and kidneys and carries waste away from the body