Fasting When Sick : Healing Naturally

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It can be distressing when your dog loses interest in food. But if your dog’s loss of appetite is caused by illness, don’t despair.

Why dogs fast when feeling ill

Animals will abstain from eating solid food when they are injured or ill.  They instinctively know that eating adds to the burden when all of the bodies resources need to be devoted to healing (rather than digestion).

An ill or injured animal's first instinct is to abstain from solid food until it is again healthy. The human body also has this same instinct, for it is common for most people to stop eating when illness strikes.

Many humans think of food as comfort and sustenance and believe that when sick, they need to eat to keep up their strength; when actually the reverse is true.

Healing begins in the gut and fasting is beneficial because it rests the body’s systems. The digestive organs are given a break from the continual digestion of food.  A tremendous amount of energy is required for digestion, and this “saved” energy can be used for healing and regeneration

Animals instinctively know that fasting from solid food intensifies and accelerates the healing process.

Never force a fast on your dog. They will self regulate. Help your dog stay hydrated by providing plenty of fluids in the form of fresh water, coconut water and bone broth.