Coconut Water: A Drink for the Canine Athlete


Delicious, low in calories, fat free and super hydrating!

Coconut water is the hot new drink for the health conscious and sporty human.  But did you know that electrolyte and mineral rich coconut water is great hydration for dogs too?

Taste Nirvana Coconut Water

Taste Nirvana Coconut Water

My dogs enjoy it during and after exercise. Coconut water is refreshing and has a sweet, nutty taste. To reap the maximum health benefits, opt for fresh coconut water over the bottled version. But when I can't have the real thing, a favourite with my dogs (and me!) is the Taste Nirvana brand of 100% coconut water.  Many coconut water brands contain preservatives and added sugars so choose a brand with one ingredient only.

Most dogs enjoy the drink without tummy issues. In fact, coconut water is so easy on the stomach it is often used to soothe stomach troubles.

Many athletes believe that coconut water replenishes body fluids better than water. So pack a bottle of coconut water for yourself and your dog to your next sporting event!

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