How to rid your car and house of doggy grime

The drool has eaten into the leather. I’d do my best but I can’t remove the drool without removing the leather.
— Simon, Car Detailer

I will have to drive my car to the ground. Nobody one will want to buy a car in this state! Dog drool, dog hair and other mystery dog discharges covered every surface of my car.  Then I saw an ad for Ekoworx. I was desperate and there was nothing to lose. And the youtube videos were impressive.  I was also sold on its cruelty-free and toxin-free message.

I couldn’t wait to try it out and was blown away! The drool dissolved before my eyes. A few sprays, leave for a minute and the drool wiped off clean with a paper towel! It also worked well for the dog art on my car windows.  And the car actually smelt better too. A sanitised smell but not unpleasant. It was the smell of clean, an unfamiliar scent in my car. I have since found out Ekoworx is also a deodoriser.






Other uses for Ekoworx in a dog household:


Inside the house, it is great for cleaning any dog discharge on walls. Spray and then use a magic eraser or sponge to wipe clean.


Dog ‘art’ on windows? This works better than Windex.


Ekoworx works on organic wastes and removes the smell of urine and poo.

Turmeric stains

Great for cleaning the orange stains from cooking Golden Paste.

Cleaning fruit and vegetables.

Ekoworx kills bacteria. Spray liberally on fruit and vegetables and leave for 30 seconds. Then rinse under cold water. EkoWorx kills 99.9% bacteria (eColi, Salmonella & Campylobacter).


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