Gelsemium Sempervirens: A homeopathic remedy for hypersensitive dogs


Gelsemium sempervirens is a useful homeopathic remedy to have in your tool box before a major event such as showing and racing.

Safe for humans and dogs, it is a natural remedy for anxiety. There has never been any reported negative reactions using Gelsemium. It will not alter alertness, ability to think or perform.

Gelsemium may be helpful in these situations:

1. Dogs who fear going to the veterinarian or groomer
2. Dogs who are noise sensitive such as during fireworks and thunderstorms
3. Over stimulation
4. Travel
5. Dogs with nervous temperaments who find new situations difficult.


How to give Gelsemium


Do not touch the tiny pellets with your hands or give with food.

Turn the container upside down and twist the cap until 1 pellet falls into the cap. Just drop the pellets directly into your dog’s mouth (under the tongue preferably).

Most dogs eat it readily. If your dog spits it out, you can hold the cap containing the pellets on the inside cheek until it dissolves.

Dissolve 1 pellet in mouth 1 hour before event. The results will last 6-8 hours.


Gelsemium comes in6c, 12 c and 30c potency.

6c for toy breeds

12c for small to medium breeds

30c for large to giant breeds (or humans)

Start with 1 tablet. Increase number of pellets by 1 as needed.


Where to buy Gelsemium

The most reasonably priced Gelsemium I have found is from iherb: