Superboost your bone broth with these two ingredients


Homemade bone broth is a nutritional powerhouse. It is the ultimate multivitamin and electrolyte replacement drink for your dog.

But you can super boost bone broth by adding these 2 extra ingredients - dried shiiitake mushrooms and kombu seaweed.

Add these two ingredients into the pot with the bones - no chopping, no extra cooking needed!


Dried Shiitake Mushrooms


I use dried Shiitake mushrooms. I have experimented with various mushrooms and these taste the best. Fresh mushrooms will not cut it. If you want a rich hearty broth, you need the dried variety. Dried shiitake mushroom is available from most Asian supermarkets. I use approximately 15-20 pieces of mushrooms in my 6 litre pot.




Add several pieces into your broth. Available from health food stores and





Organic baby carrots (optional)

One bunch. This is optional - for extra flavour!

Remember: the longer your broth simmers the better it will taste. I simmer my bone broth for 24-48 hours.


A bit on mushrooms

For centuries, Traditional Chinese Medicine has recognised the medicinal value of mushrooms. In the West, clinical studies on humans and dogs found that the mushroom compound, Polysaccharopeptide (PSP) is effective for increasing immunity and fighting cancerous tumors in dogs (and humans).

There are thousands of mushrooms out there and around 100 are toxic to humans dogs. But many of the mushrooms sold in large-chain grocery stores are safe and non-toxic to dogs and humans. Shiitake mushrooms are safe for dogs and in fact, their active compounds are recommended for:

• Immune system support

• Muscle pain

• Recovery from chemotherapy and radiation

And Kombu…


Kombu is a tough seaweed. It is so tough and hard, Kombu is often not consumed directly but is usually used for making soup.  A mineral powerhouse, it is particularly rich in calcium and iron.

But I have found it hard to find kombu here in Australia. I buy dried kombu from iherb. Kombu seaweed has a mild salty flavour which gives the broth more flavour.  Japanese chefs describe this unique flavour as the ‘umami’ flavour. It is a deliciously rich, savoury and ‘brothy’ flavour.


After you sieve your broth from the bones, you may wonder...

What to do with all the leftover mushrooms??? Make MUSHROOM SOUP!!!


This is a great winter warmer for you! It makes bone broth a one pot meal for the whole family!


1. Using small tongs, remove the mushrooms from your pot into a blender/thermomix.

2. Cover the mushrooms with just enough broth and blend until smooth. Add salt (or nutritional yeast) and pepper to taste

Note: If you like a thicker soup, remove some of the broth solids - the meat from the bones, carrots and kombu - and puree. Then add this puree to your soup.

Learn what to do with the leftover bones here