Guilt-free Pill Stuffers


The easiest way to feed a dog pills is to hide it in food. For dogs on special and limited diets it can be a challenge finding food for stuffing pills.

Fish is low in saturated fat, sodium and rich in vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. The strong smell of fish will help mask the scent of the pill.



Fish fillets (wild caught)

Bone broth


1. Simmer fish fillets in broth until cooked
2. Drain fish fillets. Then pulse in blender until fillets turn into paste.
3. Roll into balls.

Your pill stuffers are now ready to use!


Hints to help your dog swallow pills:

1. Make pill 'treat' balls small

Make your pill balls small, just enough to disguise the pill so your dog is more likely to swallow rather than chew the ball.

2. Feed pill treats when the dog is distracted

Try giving meds during a walk when your dog is happy and distracted by wonderful smells. If your dog likes car rides, another good time is to feed the treat during a car ride.

3. Mix it in with training treats

The more distracted your dog is, the less he will be thinking about what’s in the treat. Use a training session as an opportunity to feed your dogs his meds.

4. Add competition

Most dogs will eat quicker in the presence of other dogs. If you have more than one dog in the house, feed treats to the other dogs. Then feed the dog that needs the meds the pill 'treats.'